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15 October 2014

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Reverend Billings thinks Tony Blair should get more support

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By Reverend Alan Billings
Reverend Billings finds himself in the extraordinary position of being part of a very small minority within the Christian community. Many people from all denominations seem to be not just against this war, but against all war. However, he believes that Tony Blair, as a Christian, should be given more support by people in general and church leaders specifically. The regime in Iraq needs to be removed as part of tackling international terrorism because of it's potential to arm terrorists with weapons of appalling destruction. The British people would see things very differently if the two planes had crashed into Canary Wharf rather than the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001.

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Your thoughts about this video


As a Christian, I've developed a certain degree of understanding of the scriptures.What we really should be advocating for is World Peace!Gone are those what if days (i.e.What if the attacks were made against British powers?)Now is the time especially thou art a Christian, to make your requests be known to God, the Superior One.Stirring anger amongst the Christians would only serve for worse results.I'm on the road to support World Peace and stability.My weopons are not carnal but mighty in God for bringing down strongholds, casting down arguments that seek to exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.If there is anything that is going to change this generation, its fervent prayer in Christ Jesus.Two wrongs can't surely make a right!The Battle isn't ours but God's.

James Clarke
Jesus removed the gamblers but he didn't kill them. Thou shalt not kill. Christianity has always been about forgiveness above all else! Do you honestly think that so many would have been fed to the lions if they were going to pre-emptively strike rome?

John Nixon
Reverend Billings takes great courage and conviction of faith to express his view. Oddly, the mainstream has been blind to Saddam's atrocities. What of the thousands of innocents who died at his hands and those of his henchmen? The ideal of total pacifism is unrealistic from a Christian perspective: evil is real, and as long as we live in this fallen world, I'm afraid that war will continue to be a necessary evil to fight a greater evil. The other option is to turn a blind eye to the evil around us in the world, and not defend ourselves or others from it.

Jamie Poirier
I as a fellow Christian am fairly disgusted by Reverend Billings' stand on the war. I believe that Saddam's regime must fall, but war is not the answer. Where in the Bible does God say "go ahead and sacrifice innocent people, they will understand it's for the greater good of their nation"? Did Reverend Billings go door to door in Baghdad and ask each household "do you mind laying down your life, so we can get rid of Saddam?" I doubt it. None of these people were asked if they could be killed on behalf of their country. What right do we have to go into a nation and topple their regime by means of force? If we do have that right, then where are the United States and Britain, when last week 1,000 people were massacred in the Congo? Are we rushing in their to stop the goverment for allowing this to happen? No. Therefore Reverend Billings argument is not just.

Scott (USA)
I am a Christian who reads his Bible. Therefore I know that God is the one who puts leaders in place. He raised up Saddam and put him in power, and he also put Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush in power to oppose him and bring greater glory to God. He is in control. Our job as Christians is to support our leaders and our troops. If you go and look at Jer. (Old Testament) and Romans (New Testament) you will see that God will raise up leaders to destroy those who do evil in his eyes. We are called as Christians to be under our leaders, and if we trust in Jesus then we need to do as he instucted and submit ourselves to them and their decisions too. Ultimately God is in control and his will be done.

Jim (USA)
Reverend Billings' argument would seem to suggest that states should pre-emptively attack any regime that has the potential to supply terrorists with weapons of mass destruction - or perhaps more accurately, that are suspected of having that capability. Should this precept be adopted by other nations on a global basis, might it not likely lead to substantial global instability?

Bill Plewman
Reverend Bilings says it perfectly on every point. He answers the point that people make that if Saddam isn't attacking our country or city why should we go to war against him.

Nicholas Alexander
Its a difficult question, allow evil to flourish or use evil means to defeat it. What Jesus said is not easy to follow. To paraphrase him, he said, do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil by doing good. Let your enemy's badness bring out the best in you. Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you. Go the extra mile. This may require us to take a stroke or two on the cheek. Or perhaps even to bear our cross and its nails. Its hardly an easy road to follow, but I believe, naively as some might say, that the world would be a far better place if we aim for this.

Daniel Negusse
I don't understand why a priest would agree to a war, that is senseless and waged for a mere control of the oil fields of the Middle East. May God help the Iraqi people in their times of stress, and may He rest their souls when killed by the cruel ammunitions from the US and British armies. I have tried so hard to understand why people would support this war, but so far I have failed to do so. Let's wait and see. People of Iraq will die, suffer, be maimed and destroyed. What good will this do to anyone? Why not pursue the peaceful solution to any problem? The inspectors failed to find anything that amounts to weapons of mass destruction, and I don't know why US and British agreed to send the inspectors in the first place. May God help the people of Iraq in these times of abuse by the world powers. Daniel

By all means let us support Tony Blair. The war is coming brisk and short. At the end of the day, sceptics will see the light. My hat goes to the International Affairs Minister. She is a fighter like Tony. She will be a force that will return Labour back to power during the next elections.

Helen Walker
I think it is possible both to be supportive of Tony Blair as Prime Minister whilst disagreeing with his actions and opposing the war. Such is the nature of life in a democarcy and for me, as a person, a priest in the Church of England. My prayers are for peace, for Tony Blair and his family in a time of great strain as he bears the burden of the responsibility entrusted to him, for all the troops doing their difficult job and for the people of Iraq. My understanding of the nature of Christ also commits me to pray for Saddam Hussein even though I know of nothing good in him. I am not the ultimate judge and I do not believe God has cast any person walking this earth out of his love. I believe sharing this understanding of the nature of God is my primary responsibility as a Christian and as a priest.

Isn't 'Thou shall not kill' one of the 10 Commandments? How can it be translated into 'Thou shall kill if you think it is justified'? Jesus turned the other cheek didn't he? The innocent people that will be killed and maimed in this war may not agree that it is a price worth paying. The link between Iraq and the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers has not been proved has it? I can't see that anything but evil can be achieved by an armed attack on Iraq and cannot see how anyone who seriously follows Jesus Christ's teachings can contemplate it.

Jesus removed gamblers from the House of God, so some force can at times be used for righteousness.

Richard Clayton
I too am a Christian, and I cannot believe that the nation is opposed to war as it is. I hate the idea of potentially killing innocent Iraqis through war. However I have equal dislike and repulsion for the daily brutality of life under Saddam Hussein in Iraq. I totally agree with the Reverend regarding his comments of the idea that if planes had crashed into British symbols of power, then yes the people would think very differently. We should think as one people, regardless of country boundary lines. Lets help innocent people live free lives. Some innocent people may die in a war, but they would be the sacrifice for a peace in Iraq that it hasn't know in decades since the evil that is Saddam Hussein came to power.

Reverend Alan Billings
2.15 mins
12 Mar 2003
Video Nation Cumbria
England - North
Conflict in Iraq

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