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15 October 2014

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Dominic feels his business will be affected by the proposed wind farm.

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By Dominic Braye
Dominic feels his tourist business will be adversely affected by the proposed 249ft turbines destroying the visual impact of the countryside.


     BBCi Nature: Wind Farms - The Big Debate
The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA)

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Your thoughts about this video


Do the turbines have to disrupt the countryside? Look what they are doing in the north sea. Put the turbines out at sea and there is a more constant wind.

Wind farms are beautiful and iconic structures, i don't know anyone who would prefer to have a fossil fuel power station near their house than a wind farm.

Nick, there are power lines in the view anyway. Wind turbines look good, it doesn't matter if we do have to pay more, in 50 years we will have to use alternative power. They are much quieter than rumoured . It is actually inconsiderate bearing in mind how damaging other sources are. 'The wind doesn't blow all the time'. That's why they're so high - there is always plenty of wind up there.

Calvin Jones
I personally like the aesthetics of wind farms, however thats the only impact to humans, aesthetics. The posotive impact in terms of climate change mitigation however is not at all subjective and far outweighs the importance of what we find attractive.

Nick Bowman
Wind Farms rule!!!!!

Michael Stemp
wind turbines are modern sculptures often very beautiful, and can enhance and compliment the power of nature. travellers to germany and denmark will witness how a turbine seems to be 'right' even when located in the most scenic countryside. They even bring money and employment to remote areas. let's put in context the thoughts of these selfish people who wish to preserve the countryside for the selfish and privaledged few. wind power provides a little future for us all, and the turbines look good too.

I'm only 17 and am studying the impact of wind farms at the moment at school and this argument, quite frankly, is a pathetic one. This man has probably never heard a wind farm in action, because they are not as loud as he makes out. The environmental impact is much better than any nuclear energy or coal generated energy because we are not destroying the already damaged and poluted air. Wind farms are a healthy alternative for producing energy and should be enforced. I have seen a wind farm before and did not find it either noisy or ugly. Enforce wind farms and help make this world a better place for everyone.

I think Wind farms are good if they arn't in a place where they are really obvious

What a pathetic and truly selfish argument. Bring on the turbines and lets make the world a better place now, and in the future.

I think wind farms are pretty and are a good source of energy

Have you heard the noise on these things. Nuclear power is better! Do you know 1 turbine only has the power to supply 9 houses with electricity so you will need millions to power the country. All of these will end up in the countryside and all of its beauty will be gone!

Chris/ Devon
Dear Dominic, Thankyou for the opportunity to have a rant. I neglected to say I support you in your battle against wind farms in Devon and Cornwall. It's just that the ignorant comments by your other contibutors quite wound me up! Hope my views were of interest. Chris.

Chris/ Devon
Whilst there is no doubt that climate change is occuring, it has been going on for millions of years. Man's contribution to this is under 2%, and insigniicant if you follow the 'Gaia' principle. The move to wind turbines rather than less unsightly renewable energy schemes is subsidy led ONLY. Their inefficiency is causing real problems in Germany and Denmark, both socially and technically, although they were welcomed at first. If Britain builds all the turbines planned, they will only cover the losses in transmission over the National Grid, will not relieve ONE power station, or reduce 'Global Warming'. Unfortunately the whole issue is being used for political posturing. If you conflate the 'idea' of 'global warming' and reduction of Co2 with wind turbines, you are condemning communities to divisive planning arguments, ruining countryside, and inflicting noise on the residents. If you are a 'Greenie' why are you supporting BIG BUSINESS and CAPITALST MULTINATIONALS who put up the bulk of the development money to gain over-generous subsidies and political clout?.

This video was very educational and I was very intregued with the facts that he was expressing.

I'm studying renewable energy at the new universety of exeter in cornwall. I can see you point that the turbines will change the asthetics of the area but it's no better or worse. If we don't try any of these methods and realise the potential what ever it may be then how can we move forward. we need to know the impacts of our "green" methods of electricity production before we can say they are good or bad. I know that wind turbines do attract tourists and when I drove here from poole in dorset it was an astounding sight to se such an immpresive use of green energy as displayed by the wind farms u have here. don't reject the change use it and try to understand that if we dont move away form fossil fuels then the beautiful area u described will be changed by large polution related climate change. So do nothing and the whole world will suffer or try and make a difference? As a student here we do only hear one side of the argument I would be very interested to hear opposing views. Please keep the comments coming on this board for and against.

There are no waste issues arising form the use of wind farms and once installed require low maintenance and therefore must be cost effective ....easy money !

What a selfish film, and what a weak argument.

Wind turbines are better than destroying the earth all together! I can't believe this guy is saying nuclear power is better.

Chris Foster
Tim, USA said it all "Wind Farms give me a feeling that we are doing something." They are technically flawed and being promoted by companies who stand to make massive profits via government subsidies. The bigger picture is one of the public being hoodwinked because they "feel good" about wind power.

Dominic, not much sympathy from me either mate. The views in your video look like they need a wind turbine to add some interest. I'm sick to death of people whingeing on about wind farms and turbines. They are a stop gap until the time comes when we find a non-polluting low cost environmentally friendly source of energy. At the end of the day they can be pulled down and no one will know they were there, unlike nuclear power stations that are radioactive for years.


Sorry Dominic, you don't sound very Cornish to me, more of a city boy, I suggest your commercial interests are the real reason for your video, good luck anyway.

Nathan, Camborne, Cornwall
He is very wrong! Wind is one of many natural powers which we can harness in Cornwall and in the long run it will help all of Cornwall. He is not looking at the future, the kids and the future they will live in. The time is now to change Cornwall. Cleanup Cornwall for your kids and your future.

Alan Vickers
I think wind farms have a beautiful visual impact. I love to see them.

I love Cornwall having sailed the seas around its coast and visited many times as a tourist. The turbines will never stop me coming. The people of Cornwall attract me as much as its countryside. Surely you could turn this into a positive - maybe the living history of the wind and its effect on the countryside and now how it is being harnessed. All the old Cornish sailing ships used the wind for power generation didn't they? Film the building and put it on the net you could do any number of things to maintain tourism in your area. The very best of luck in the future. I've never met you but thanks for being a member of the of the hospitable Cornish tourist industry.

Alf Hunter
I quite clearly see your point about the visual imapct that wind turbines will have on your local area, but this is surely still the way forward. I think that the visions of power cuts and noise pollution are a desperate attempt to stop the building going ahead, but really these are only half truths, as most modern turbines are very close to silent when you are at ground level. I know this, as I myself live relativly near 5 of them, and plans have just been approved to build more off the coast of North Wales. Although clearly visable from were I live I will welcome them. I must also add that the efficiency of the turbines is improving all the time and costs will continue to fall as the technology improves.

Hello, we had windmills in the past to grind the grain, some are still around, I don't see what all the fuss is about, it's a good idea, we are about to have wind farms along the east coast, and I am pleased to see it happen.

Tim, USA
Nick, You seem very concerned about the astetics of the turbines, but there are power lines all over the place! How is this any better? Wind farms give me a feeling that we are doing something good for the environment. I think your tourist industry is going to remain as is with the presence of a wind farm.

There won't be any countryside unless we start developing renewable energy in this country. Look at the bigger picture! I think wind farms look quite nice anyway, and they wouldn't stop me going somewhere

Dominic Braye
2.00 mins
24 Jul 2003
Video Nation Cornwall
England - South West

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