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15 October 2014

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Aimee is angry about the role the media play in the protrayal of female role-models.

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By Aimee Thompson
Aimee was bullied at school for being fat. She is angry about the role the media play in the protrayal of female-role models. She understands now that no one is perfect.


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Your thoughts about this video


this is very sad. i myself am 12 and i go to a all girls school. there are girls of different shapes and sizes, big, short, tall, blonde, emo and different races. yet everyone of these girls is beautiful in ther own unique way. be urself and dont let ne one bring you down because if you stand strong then no-one will bring you down!*be strong**be beautiful**be you!*

Ziggy Newman
Aimee your video is one of the most inspirational I've seen. I feel exactly the same way about the pressure on us girls to be so called "perfect" with our image. It's horrible. I've been through 10 years of bullying myself due to my microphthalmic eye disability and I know what it feels like to be hated because of the way we look. It's as dark and horrific as you say it is and what's even worse is it's all because we don't have this fake Barbie doll look that isn't even real in the first place (due to the amount of photo editing that exists in the media). I think your way prettier than any of them personally. Thank you for making such a wonderful video!

I agree girls younger and younger are going on diets to make themselves even thinner its por shockin keep doin wot yer doin yer oan da rite track

Oscar Chicago
First off, well done for having the courage to go on camera like that, I wouldn't. Secondly, I think you're probably right about the whole model thing, although have you heard of Sophie Dahl?

awwwk i think ur gorgeous babe. dont listen o people, there just gelous hun!!

i agree with everything that has been said. im 14 and i have been bulied previously, also because of my weight, but not because i was overweight but because i was anorexic,i dont get bullied anymore. im also a ballet dancer, and we are known for being skinny and although people get bullied for being overweight, we get bullied for being slim or "skinny" so i guess you just cant win with some people!

Aimee I'm sorry about the bully stuff you have been suffered, but at the same time I feel very happy when I hear what you say. So young and so sentive!!, I really think you are more than beautiful!!

Thank you SO much for making this video. I was bullied at school about my size and I ended up losing a lot of weight and almost killing myself because I hated myself so much for being too big. Please hang on to all you said in the video, never believe all the rubbish we are told because it can so easily destroy your life completely. I was never happy when I got thinner. It is disgusting to be nasty to someone because you don't like their skin colour. It is no less disgusting to treat someone badly because of any aspect of their appearance. I mean, any person could have an accident and their appearance could change drastically in a second - does that mean they suddenly become someone different and should no longer be treated the same way? Of course not. It makes me very sad that the media brainwashes us to believe that you are not as good if you don't look 'right'. The people who believe in it will never ever be happy. The only way you can be thin enough for them is when you die of starvation. It is not worth it. I like people who are kind.

Lacey Turner
dis world is full of bullies and they're as mad as mad can be, every1 stand upto bullies and the our lifes will become easy, and darlz i think your totally right, everyone is a dif person and were all great in some way !!!

hi amiee i would like to say you are very beutiful now,probally was before and your very inteligant.I thinks it very good you can tell that story and that you admite how they show all the glamourous girls like i think-well done x

i am a girl who is 13 yrs of age,i know wot itz lyk 2 b teased...its horrible,somtimes i just wanted to runaway,however ive discovered that i would hate to be a skinny spitful person id much rather look the way i do now,and yes boys do over exagerate about girls they only want to go out with a beautiful slim person but its inside that counts youve probably heard it a thousand times and get fed up of hearing it. Ammie im sorry you had 2 go through it 2 .x

Hello, I just wanted Aimee to know that what she is today is amazing because she is very young and she's understood so much about humans !!! let me tell you in my native language, courage tu es formidable et tu verras que la vie ne se résume pas au poids, tu es quelqu'un de bien, ceux qui t'aiment ne verront que ça !! Kiss from France ! Rachel

u do wat u want to. Don't let the evil cows at skool bullie u. I think that you are great and gud lukin (even thoughi'm not a lesa)

Susan Winstanley
I that people should want to look like a mode because it is the person that is inside you try and not listen to other people. It is very sad for peole that are over wieght. some people think that they are fat but they are not really fat.

Anneka Leamington Spa
People that bully are sad individuals that have nothing better to do with their lives other than to pick on people, mainly because they are not happy with themselves and want to make others feel bad too. They are the lonely ones and the people that hang around with them don't like them either they are just scared and want to look good and be in a group, but after school is over they will be the ones that are alone. If everyone looked the same it would be a very boring world, everyone is gorgeous in there own way keep your chin up!

it doesnt matta how much u weigh, its your inner self that matters-your personality nd i can assure u that u seem like a very nice individual, my best friend has people call her names bcoz she is fat but she isnt realy obese or anythin itz the way boys exagerate, wen we go out shoppin or cinema we check out all the ladz bcoz we're at tht age but im always the 1 who gets the bf and i feel realy guilty bcoz shes upset by it but she is very pretty, shes always saying how she'd luv 2 b skinny like me i jus want 2 help her but i dnt know how bcoz theres nothin 2 chnge itz jus the way boys want their gf's 2 b perfect like models or sumthin watever happened 2 inner beauty??? by the way im 13 from kent take care ov urself xxx

I am sorry to hear about Aimee's situation and I just wana say that I feel pity for the people who may have bullied Aimee. I know Aimee well and she is a lovely girl.

i think you are a very lovely girl. beauty is inside.

hay !! im ashley and im 14 yrs old. even tho im not bullied by people cause of my weight, i have a friend who is. every1 tells her that she is fat and she is beginnin 2 stop eatin. i tell her that she isnt fat, but she wont even listen 2 me. i feel sorry 4 her and sumtimes she is so upset that i wish it was me instead of her. im really sorry that u have 2 go thru this, but remember, no matter wat u weigh, u r beautiful!!

I know exactly how she feels. I got bullied just the same. People expect people to look like models but most girls don't look like that. People that look natural rather than so called *perfect* are more beautiful than them. And i hope someday people see that. People would rather eat properly and just exercise regularly than starve yourself and exercise 24/7.

I so know what this story was about. It was like reading/seeing my thoughts! I was bullied because of my size I'm only 13 and I think Aimee is right well done.

It takes someone strong to go through that and Aimee did that. I admire you for still being strong after what you went through because I know it's something I failed to do and I cant help but feel that the "perfect image" portrayed by the media encouraged and supported my eating disorder. The media need to change and the way that Aimee has dealt with this, as so many other young girls (and boys) do, is something amazing and proves their strength of character.

Aimee Thompson
I just want to thank everyone for taking the time out to view my diary. It's lovely to receive such positive feedback. Its nice that you feel I've helped and just by reading this you've helped me too. Thank you

Henry Tyme
As a Producer/Director I can say that there are a growing number of people within the media, both men and women, who are aware of the difficulties that can be caused through inappropriate depiction of what some believe to be 'the perfect body'. It is only with the help of courageous young women such as Aimee Thompson that the attitude of those working in the media may be seen to see sense and acknowledge that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Modelling agencies, product manufacturers and advertisers need to wake up and see that there is a problem with their promotional strategy.

I wholeheartedly agree with your comments Aimee, and am grateful that you feel strong enough about this topic to speak out. I get sick and tired of the way women are portrayed in the media, and even more disheartened the way women buy into it themselves.

I think it's amazing that Aimee was able to cope with that and I think she's right about the media's view. She's done great 2 succeed anyway.

I think you are a pretty young girl and it is NOT about how much you weigh, it is about the person inside. I have a friend and she thinks she is perfect. She can fit into clothes for ten year olds. And she will ask me my weight and then makes some horrid, un-needed face about it! You have inspired me.

I'm not skinny myself and I know whats like to be teased. I'm only 13 and I do have a lot of growing to do but others don't understand that, I wish they would.

Wot is with society. Y do people have 2 b like the media think we should be like? Aimee has a very valid point. Y do models have 2 b size 8? Size 14 isn't big!

I went through it too, for years. It's taken 20 years to get to grips with it and learn to have a healthy attitude towards food and my body. It still comes and smacks me in the face at times. The damage is so hard to undo.

I think Aimee is absolutely right-no one is perfect and no one should try to look like anyone else. People should be themselves, dress themselves and act themselves. No one should critisize about how anyone looks or anything that they do. I think the video will really help people out there!

What a lovely, articulate girl. She will go far; with insight and perception she has a maturity beyond her years.

Tom Chuff Chuff
I think that it was a very sad situation to be in for any girl and especially at that age. I know Aimee and she didn't deserve to got through that.

Aimee Thompson
2.04 mins
14 Oct 2003
Video Nation Beds, Herts and Bucks
England - East Midlands
Talking Teenagers

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