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15 October 2014

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Adina hated being pregnant but now is happy being mum to Dylon.

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By Adina Harkin
Adina was 15 when she discovered she was pregnant. She hated being pregnant but now is happy being mum to Dylon and is in full-time education doing her A levels. Adina says nothing beats Dylon's smile.


     Find out what other young mums around the UK are doing?

Your thoughts about this video


Tanekka cahill
you will do very well

It's never a good time to have a kid unplanned regardless if your 15 or 45 but Adina is a credit to the so often tarnished reputation of teenage mums. Everyone makes mistakes but it takes real courage to stand up, dust yourself down and make the most out of a situation. You will never regret having a beautiful baby and luckily Adina has the brains to make sure she doesn't regret missing out on her own education. Wishing you all the best for the future x. P.S Forgot to mention Dylon is gorgeous.

Tarkan ACAR
having a baby is much more than effective than a man for a woman, but a baby needs a out-side-power from where take her-his father and a in-side-power from where take her-his mother to strengthen themselves. I think you think you are supposed to be both of them.

adina harkin
I was very young when i made this video and Rachel Clarke is generally correct. However, I balance absolutely everything and there is not a lot of young people out there who actually have the drive and ambition i have. Dylan is a priority but if i dont look after myself no one else will or does. So as Rachel wrote " busy making sure her own young life takes the right direction" that is exactly what i am doing and i have an amazing wondeful life because i made sure i helped myself. as you can appreciate i have built my profile and am studing at uni. dylan is extremely happy and we have a long road to go. my advice to all is listen to advice given by people with experience, it will only help

I think you are going to give that baby all you can no matter what it takes, geing a young mom can change your life for the better. I just recently gave birth to my daughter and although I got pregnant at 16 andam now 17 I would never regret the decision I made on having my daughter shes my world. It doesn't matter what age you are everything happens for a reason and no child is a mistake maybe an accident but no mistake. As for Racael Clarke don't critsize someone who ar least took the responsibility and didn't toss it on someone else leave teenage mothers who take care of their babies ALONE!!!!

i av a lil baby and i cant bear 2 part with her and i cant get myself 2 want 2 go bck 2 skool shes 10 weeks and i now wat it wells lke its 2 hard 2 care 4 it all ur m8s get disstaned and the father is good but i am only 14 and he is 16 and most peple i can not look after my baby so i think adina is a super star

I am 20 and a mommy of two, I became pregnant with my first when I was 16 had my first when I was 17 and my second when I was 18. I have been through so much trying to better myself so I can give my kids the life they deserve, I am going for my bachelors degree in psychology and I have my own place and own car, am debt free even though I have 2 credit cards which most young people would max out in the first few months. I can only tell all the young moms that you can do it as long as you try. It is hard. VERY hard, but I know that in the end all the hard work will pay off. Good luck to all the young parents, keep your head held high and remember every time you want to give up. What your doing is for your baby.

i think being a mom at 15 is ok . i mean it would be alot of work , but it would be worth it in the end . im 16 & i want to have a child

i think that u r very brave to be a teenage mum u have help my in making my dission i was confussied because i am havein a baby and i am only 16 but thx alot because u have helped me hope that u r very happy and live a good life

i think that teenagers at 15 are stupid because they must know that some boys olny want to have sex with they don't want nothing else expect sex. and it is good for those teenagers because they are stupid.

Courtney -14
i think that it is amazing that you have raised your baby at such a young age i am 14 almost 15 and just found out that i am pregnet and me and my boyfriend are very excited i think that it will be an instant mature for us both and we are very much in love but still very scared at the same time because neither of us have told our parents that i am cause we are scared that they will not let us stay together! so i admire you for what you have done and your baby is so adorable.. congrats for every thing that you have done and accomplished you are a great role model for young mums...Good Luck!!! XXX

i think you are really brave i had my first child at 18 and my second at 21, my feeling on young mums are the same as older mums as long as your baby comes first they are clean and well looked after what is there for ppl to moan about, after all there are woman having babies at 40 odd years old woman who have more chance of heart attacks and could die within the childs first 20 years of life im not saying all woman should have babys young but why should young mums get diss'd when there are older woman havin babys who know they wont be around for them?

It is grate ive learn alot 4rom this vidoe i must say dylon is pretty

im 15 and i think havin a baby is alot of responsability but if willing and able 2 bring up a baby then i say go for it and think uve done a great job so gook luck 2 u and ur son

not knowing what contraception is,is in my opinion no excuse, your old enough to have sex,you should know how to go about it properly. I was on the pill when i got pregnant at 17 and i was devastated, i went through with the pregnancy and although i have a beautiful baby my world has been turned upside down, i got brilliant gcse's but they are wasted as i work part time in a bar now, my partner and i cant afford for me to get an education as we dont want to be stereotypical and claim benefits, not like we would get much anyway! to anyone who is 16 or under, you havent even started your own life yet, how can you even say your ready for a baby? i feel really sorry for you if this is all you want and expect from life. i wish adina all the best and you have a beautiful baby

It would seem to me that some teenage girls regard becoming pregnant as a status symbol. One sees them in the shopping malls or hanging around outside McDonnells all the time, usually accompanied by some tiny baby in a huge - and expensive - pushchair, the size of a small caravan, chatting with their 'mates'. Few of these girls return to full time education and are, as has already been said, reliant on their parents for child care and financial aid to subsidise the money which the state also generously donates. Go ahead, you fourteen year olds, get pregnant!! But if this is the road you choose to take be responsible. This is your child, it is not your parents child, it is not the state's child, can you - yes you - support it? No of course you can't! Do you earn any money? No! Do you have a job? No! Is there someone else there to care for the child when you are ill? When it is ill? Do you have a home of your own with a garden for the child to play in? NO NO NO There is a long list I could add to the above, however I am willing to bet that the answer to all or any of my questions is NO NO NO

if u can give the baby a good life it shouldnt matter what ur age is. some ppl want a career and have kids older others dont im 27 weeks pregnant wiv a baby boy and im 16 being a parent is the most rewarding thing in the world good luck adina

I was in the same situation when I was 13, I found that I am pregnant. but now I am glad to have a baby!

I think it's wrong to have a baby at age 15, however one must take responsiblity for this. Good Luck.

caroline smith
i think that young mums have done well by raising a child and should smile about what they have done.

Being a loving mum has nothing to do with age, my mum is 35 and still makes mistakes - it's all part of life. Good on yeh love, your baby is a darling and you should be very proud.

I do think Rachael Clarke has a point becasue I am roughly the same age as Adina and live in the same area and I knew all about sex education at 11 because every year they go on and on! I do think it's brilliant that you are carrying on with college as well as having Dylon to care for. I think what needs to be stressed here to other teenagers is that it's not all roses at the end.

My sister got pregnant at 15 and had her son at 16. She has had 2 more kids and lost custody of all of them. My mother has custody I had to put uni on hold to look after her babies. I'm not going to lay judgement but being a mother is VERY hard work no matter what age. To Rachel Clarke u wouldn't believe the ignorance about sex in young people, my friend once actually thought if she douched with coca-cola it would prevent her from pregnancy. She was shocked when I told her it was not true and the male sperm cell can live for 3 days inside a female body...

I think it doesn't matter what age u r when u become a mum. Yeah it does mess up ur life but it's ur choice with wot u do with it. Hope u n ur baby r great.

u r doing a real good job keep the good work up i know how u feel i am also a teenage mum i am 16

I think that u r doing well I am 16 and I had twins wen i was only 14 they are really sweet but is hard work. I don't think that teenagers getting pregnant are really stupid and I do regret having sex.

I can understand people feeling angry at Adina's video but you have to understand that if a Mum is not happy a child can't be either. Dylon is extremely gorgeous. I think he could be a baby model!!!

i think ur doing really well and u shud b proud of ur little boy, im 15 & 17 weeks pregnant & i've left school but after da baby im going back and doing a course at college. well done and keep going xxx

i think that u can be a mum at any age but only if u want to be and u are ready for a baby.just as long as you can care for it and give it food and a home and love good luck in the future for u and ur baby xx

i think its fine you havin a baby at your age because my grandparents died b4 i woz born n at least ur kid can av mor time wit his.but jade 14 wit 2 kids fairplay+dat but wotch urself 4 da of luk to u both.

I love the fact that you have so much courage in bringing up Dylon. You chose to bring this beautiful baby here and you've really put YOUR life on hold. I admire you for that. We aren't all good at things and the only way we learn is from our mistakes. Good Luck XXX

i am 16 n i dnt tink der is n e tink wrng wid b ing a young mum. it ur life u do wat u wnt wid it u only live once. i enjoyed ur video n dylon is well sweet good luck in d future x x

im duein 5 days cant wait :) and im 15

i think its fine 2 be a young mum as long as the baby has love and care whats the big deal in being a young mum. i think you are doin really well and ignore anybody who tells u ur not. hope you have a happy life with dylon hes so cute. xXx

Danielle age 19
Im quite amazed that Adina can still go to college because I was a mother at 13 and it totaly wrecked my life! I think Adina has had alot of hlp and she's doing great but some teenagers may look at this video and think 'oh, she's doing fine, look, didn't wreck her life, it's ok to be a young mum.' But I think Adina is just lucky!

i fink u have done realy well to cope with a baby at such a yung age i am only 13 n i have 2 kids my mum blocked me out when i told her i wos pregnant but i had friends that were willing to help me i hope you both do well

I think she is doin a great job or someone of her age !! I know I couldnt cope with a baby at this age !! good luck !

I'm 14 n I have a son who is 1 yrs old tomoro and a darling daughter that was born 2 weeks ago , and although it's hard i couldn't be happier. I have my mums help wen i need it too. I think u r doin a great job n all the best for the future! xxx

Rachel B
I think that you are really brave to have gone through with your choice on having your son at your age but I'm proud of you also because even though it was a mistake you still took the responsabilities that came along with it and never took the easy way out of it! im due october and also 15

I really dont see the problem in being a young Mum. You can still work to get money, there is child benefits and maternity pay things, couldn't be better. You have family help as well what are you without your family. Best wishes for the future to Adina and dylon!!!

i think you look like a gr8 mum and ure baby is really cute well done

I think it is ok to have a baby at your age because you sound very mature, but having one earlier than that sounds incredibly hard. I am 14 and I cant imagine myself with a baby!!

It must have been scary for you but it is good that you have managed to cope, and that your family is there to support you. I think you have done well and your baby is gorgeous!

The vid was gr8 Rachel knows nothing I have a 2 year old and I'm 15. Age means nothing if you can give a baby a decent life!

Cyan Law
I feel the mother looks older but she is just 15-years-old. It's impossible!

I'm a Mom my self n I'm 14. I no what it's like to try n do well @ skl n look after my son but I hope every thing turn's out oky 4 u both.

I think young teens should enjoy their life, there is plenty of time for kids later on.

I think that being a mom at 15 must be really tough but Adina is doing it the right way even though she has had Dylon she is putting her life on hold coz of that she is still goin to College and stuff like that she is doin really well! Most teenagers like that would not give a damn about their babies but Adina really does!! Also Dylon is gorgeous and really sweet!! Keep up the good work Adina and good luck with College

Keep up the good parenting. We all learn by our mistakes and you have clearly showed you can improve by studying and getting a qulaification. Give kisses to the little one.

Good luck and Dylon looks gorgeous xxxx

Tam Hooper
I understand what you are going through as I have a kid myself and I am only 14. It is very hard but it is worth it as I love my child so much. Your video had alot of meaning to it.

Rachael Clarke
This video is proof of how naive and stupid teenagers are today. The way she made out she was too young to understand that having sex makes you pregnant - what a pathetic excuse. I can totally appreciate that these things can happen by accident but it makes me mad to think of the life she has brought into the world when she is still busy making sure her own young life takes the right direction. I just hope to God college teaches her a bit more and fingers crossed for her little baby.

Being a mom at 15 makes no sense bcoz I find Adina as a very young teenager & a moms responsibility on young shoulders is too much but still I appreciate that u have gvn life to a new budding flower. Simultaneously concentrating on ur education is also the best achivement of ur life. Wish u & ur little darling the best of life & loads of happiness.

Adina Harkin
1.36 mins
06 Jan 2004
Video Nation Beds, Herts and Bucks
England - East Midlands
Mother's Day

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