Can I screen the BBC Proms?

Page updated: 20 February 2019

Can I screen the BBC Proms events at a local community event (like in a church or village hall)?

Yes. You can screen our content, so long as the venue is in the UK and it has any necessary licences, like a licence to publicly perform music. Check the PRS site for music licence information.

Can I charge people to watch?

No. Please don’t charge anyone to view BBC content or attend the event. BBC content must be free to view, and can’t be used to generate profit, or for fundraising or charitable activities.

Can I get sponsorship for the event?

No. Sponsorship or advertising can’t be associated with BBC content or the screening of BBC programmes.

Can I use the BBC logo in publicity for the event?

No. Please don’t use any BBC logos or branding in your publicity material, or imply that the BBC supports your event.

Do I have to screen the BBC programme live, or can I use a recorded copy?

If you’re screening the BBC programme to a group, you have to do this live. You can only record BBC programmes for personal viewing in your home later.

Can I edit the BBC programme?

No. You can only screen the programme as it is broadcast.

Can I make copies and distribute/sell them/send them abroad?

No. We can’t allow this for rights and commercial reasons.

I’m outside the UK, how can I view the BBC coverage?

As the BBC is funded by a licence fee paid by UK residents, BBC programmes are not always available for live screening outside the UK, but you may be able to view some of our content via BBC World News or our international broadcast partners. Please check your local broadcasters’ schedules to see if they are showing this event.

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