What does "Recommended for you" mean?

Page updated: 12 December 2018

When you’re signed in to the BBC, we’ll recommend things we think you’ll like. So as well as seeing what’s most popular, you can also discover other things you might otherwise miss.


How do you make recommendations?

We base them on how you’ve been using the BBC. For instance, if you watch lots of nature programmes, we might recommend a new David Attenborough documentary.

We also recommend things that people with similar tastes are enjoying. And we return the favour by recommending the things you like back to those people.

Where do I find recommendations?

Just look out for the things we’ve “Recommended for you”. You’ll find them on the BBC HomepageBBC iPlayer and the BBC+ app.

How can I improve my recommendations?

The more you use the BBC, the better your recommendations will get. On the BBC+ app, you can also influence your recommendations by liking or disliking video clips on your home screen.

If you'd rather not see recommendations, you can simply sign out of the BBC.

You can read about what we do with your data here.

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