What happens to the comments I post on the BBC?

Page updated: 24 October 2016

That depends who you are and where you’re posting them.


If you're a child posting on a children's site

We’ll check your comment before putting it up to make sure it doesn’t break our house rules.

If you’re an adult posting on a grown-up site (like BBC News)…

Your comment will appear straight away. If someone reports it we’ll check if it breaks our house rules.

If your comment breaks the house rules

We’ll remove it and send you an email explaining why. If you like you can appeal. You can find out what our house rules are here.

How can I remove a comment I’ve posted?

You’ll need to email Central-communities-team@bbc.co.uk asking them to remove the comment, explaining the reasons for needing the comment to be taken down. However, removal isn’t guaranteed.

There’s more info about how we treat your contributions here.

Read our full Privacy Policy to find out more about what we do with your comments.

Read our full Terms of Use to find out more on what we can do with your comments and what you can’t say in your comments.

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