How do I setup or manage child permissions?

Page updated: 2 July 2018

You can set permissions when you first register a new child account. Just follow the instructions.

If you want to manage permissions at a later date, the easiest way is if you both have BBC accounts. That way, you can link your child's account to your own and set permissions from there at any time. If you don’t have your own BBC account you can register for one. It’s quick and easy to do.

But you don't need a BBC account to manage permissions. When your child tries to do something new on the BBC, like commenting on children's websites, we’ll ask them to get you involved to approve this. You’ll either get an email, or you can manage permissions here.

How to unlink accounts

The child has to instigate this (you can't). If they do, their parent or guardian receives an email explaining what’s happened.

To unlink as a child:

  • Go to your BBC account “Settings”
  • Hit "Child permissions"
  • Hit "Unlink".

The accounts will then be unlinked.

Bear in mind

If the child unlinks accounts, they’ll lose any permissions that have already been set. Like, if a parent or guardian has given permission for their child to comment on children’s websites, unlinking would mean that they won't be able to comment any more.

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