Words and Phrases



yesterday evening; last night

In Literature:

Excerpt from The Haunted Hill by George Francis Savage-Armstrong

Old Nancy Breen her skinny hand
laid cold on Donald’s shoulder;
“A seen yer doom yestreen,” she cried

Excerpt from The wind that whistled in the wa' by Thomas Beggs

Tha win’ that whistled in the wa’
whar’ cam’ it frae yestreen.
That did sae wildly pipe an’ blaw,
sae clearly an’ sae keen?

Excerpt from Written the next morning after having dined and supped with the Rev. Messrs. T. and B. by Hugh Porter

Yestreen, like some great knight or squire,
I loll’d upon a cushioned chair,
an’ fed on rich an’ dainty fare,
whar kindness ay comes gratis;
this morn, I on a stool maun share
a breakfast o’ potatoes


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