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Alternative spelling/meaning:

wreck; sea-wreck

In Literature:

Excerpt from A statistical account, or parochial survey of Ireland (3 vols.) by William Shaw Mason (ed.)

The manures used are dung, lime, sand, and sea-wreck:
very little, if any, is burnt.

(Dublin: John Cumming etc., 1814) p 434.

Excerpt from The Northern Cottage and other poems by George Dugall

22: The with’ring blasts at length begin to blow,
And o’er the woods a brownish mantle fling;
The swelling brooks with chill redundance flow,
Their margins crowded with the wreck of Spring.
No more so cheerful now the warblers sing;

52: Frae me nae storm could force a sigh;
Nor nature’s wreck extort a tear;
Love heaves my bosom - fills my eye -
To love is a’ my mis’ry here.

(Londonderry: printed for the author by William M‘Corkell, 13 Diamond, 1824), ‘p 22,52
(although sense is not clear in either case).

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