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Excerpt from Epistle to Mr A. M'Kenzie, Dunover. On the Publication of his Poems by Robert Anderson

Whan cotters guid hae said their pray’rs
an’ wee totes sleep awa their cares,
I musin’, whyles think how it fares
wi’ frien’s a few

Excerpt from Mae Mither's Tungue by Charlie Reynolds

The mair whiles a weeble frae time tae time
whun haein’ a blether doon tha telephone line

Excerpt from To M.H. by Barney McGlone

Think o’ Whan we met and parted,
and o’ a’ we felt atween -
whiles sae gleesome, whiles doon-hearted -
n yon cosy neuk at e’en

Excerpt from Written in Winter by James Orr

The hedge-hauntin’ blackbird, on ae fit whyles restin’
wad fain heat the tither in storm-rufflet wing

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