Words and Phrases



two or three; a few

Alternative spelling/meaning:

twa-three; twa’r three; twathry

In Literature:

Excerpt from December by Thomas Given

That Uncle Sam, wha war than nane,
in some daft minds appearin’,
in twa’r three months by fist an’ brain,
first place shud noo be wearin’
‘mang men this day

Excerpt from From 'The Repealer Repulsed' by William M'Comb

Twa-three months syne, I was purposed to sen’ ane o’ our wee chaps to the schule,
and was expressin’ my thanks for the neighbourhood o’ sae learned a dominie;
whan Leezy says to me, ne’er mind the dominie;
but tell me what kind o’ ushers has he got

Excerpt from Honourable Intentions by Hugh Robinson

He tackled twa-three mair guid chunks o the breid
an set his mug doon oan the wee table aside him.

Excerpt from The Dance by Charlie Gillen

I luked at my twathry shillin’
an’ says I, I’m for a dance

Excerpt from To the Reverend TT, Parson's Hill by Hugh Porter

Now gin your Reverence would please
to grant me this but twa-three days,
I’ll teach the lanely burns and braes
the heights an’ hollows,
to join wi’ me in Scottish lays

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