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endure; put up with

In Literature:

Excerpt from Listen Lizie. Lilting to Tobacco by Samuel Turner

Frae this let ilka raw mou’d flab,
an’ geeglin food, newfangled drab,
nae mair their squeamish stammocks crab;
for by my snag
they’ll fin it tak’s a season’d gab
to thole thee lang

Excerpt from Psalm 139 by Philip Robinson

Nae thing but hate A ‘ll hae fur thaim
nor thole thair evil wyes

Excerpt from The General Assembly and Home Rule by Thomas Given

In heavy questions o’ the past
we stuck within oor pulpits fast,
an’ let the tenants thole the blast,
face, back and shin

Excerpt from Thocht Polis by Philip Robinson

The mair we houl tha warl is roon,
as big eneuch aa tongues tae soon,
an let iz leeve in oor ain wie,
the’ cannae thole sich DIY

Excerpt from To a Hedge-Hog by Samuel Turner

Love’s stangs are ill to thole, I own it, but to my hurchin

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