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a stitch
a stitch in the side; a sharp pain

Alternative spelling/meaning:

Steekit - stitched, stuck, locked

In Literature:

Excerpt from Leezie McMinn by Samuel Turner

Wanters o’men come ilk day Leezie seekin’,
frae hill an’ frae valley, frae hut an’ frae ha’;
some in gay cleedin’, some barely a steek on,
wee gilpies, young widows, auld maidens an’ a’.

Excerpt from Tha Broonies an tha Soutar by BBC Tellytales - Translated by Ulster-Scots Language Society

Cut it bae?
Aye, the’ wur shairly aa yin wi thon rid leather – an that bonnie med an steekit.
Whut wye, but, the’ wunnert?

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