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tell the future; make predictions

Alternative spelling/meaning:

spay; spae A spaywife (spaewife) = a female fortune-teller, witch A spayman (spaeman) = a wizard or warlock

In Literature:

Excerpt from December by Thomas Given

We didna dream nor even spay,
when I came roon’ last year,
that Spain both kicket black an blay,
shud flounsless noo appear

Excerpt from Larne Hirin' Fair by John Clifford

There’s watches goin’ for these an’ six,
there’s corkscrew knives and walkin’ sticks,
drinks, apples, nuts an’ yellow-man
an spae-wives there tae read yer han’

Excerpt from Tea by James Orr

An’ when the spae-wife to the Mill-town in hiddlin’s slips,
without it, vain were her consultin’ divinin’ cups

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