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perky; pretty; full of life

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In Literature:

Excerpt from Larne Hirin' Fair by John Clifford

These sonsy, dacent, weel-wrought lasses,
though a wee bit blate, are no sich asses

Excerpt from Thonner an Thon by James Fenton

The brig arched quait ower nixt the line
whar crooded sonsie hizzies fine,
baith bowl and bra

Excerpt from Bab M'Keen interviews General Grant by Bab M'Keen

There’s a great difference in folk in the wye o’janius;
yin man has a janius for growin’ fat on Indian parritch,
an’ anither has a janius for reducin’ hisel doon wi’ guid beef an’ mutton tae something;
a somethin’ as sonsy luckin as a numberbell with the geegham

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