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wet mud; a clumsy or untidy person; dressed messily (sloothery)

Alternative spelling/meaning:

sloother; sloothery

In Literature:

Excerpt from The Hamely Tongue by James Fenton

slooter (-tth-) a slovenly, incompetent person or worker;
a slouching, useless person.
[Sc. sluiter, slutter; frequentative of OSc. slute slatternly, sluit a sloven; prob. related to E slut (SND)]

The Hamely Tongue (Belfast: The Ullans Press, 2000), also occurs in, of a person: p 190.

Excerpt from Ulster Songs and Ballads of the town and country by Richard Hayward

Ye wrinkled ould hag, there ye sit an’ ye gern,
Ay, an’ burn yer rock an’ rayvel yer pern,
Whiles I, an ould slooter man, slappit the kern
An’ for butter, I ne’er see a blennin’ o’ it.

(London: Duckworth, 1925), p 80 (‘ould slooter man’).

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