Words and Phrases



  • screech;
  • dawn; first light

Alternative spelling/meaning:

  • skreek;
  • scraigh o day, skraik o day

In Literature:

Excerpt from Tha Wheechin Princess by BBC Tellytales - Translated by Ulster-Scots Language Society

Farder doon tha road, Hetfit an Shairp Lug rin agane anither mon.
He wus govin up intae tha sky, sae Hetfit spiered intae whit he wus daein.
Tha mon toul him he haed lat an arra flee intae tha sky at skraik o day an it haednae cum doon yit!

Excerpt from Psalm 139 by Philip Robinson

Shud A flee aff at scraich o day
tae leeve far owre tha sea

Excerpt from The Man from God knows where by Florence M Wilson

But at streek o’ day, through the gable pane,
I watched him spur in the peltin’ rain
and I juked from his rovin’ eye.

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