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Alternative spelling/meaning:

praitas; prootas; pratoes; prataes

In Literature:

Excerpt from A Country Lad's Observation at the Hiring Fair in Ballymena by Adam Lynn

That some yins want a servant lass
that des nae use the luckin’ glass,
but can dress butter that will pass
and tak the badge,
and hae wrists strong enough to mass
a prata fadge

Excerpt from Dailygan by James Fenton

The prootas plowt; the neep’s sweet steam
cloods roon hir sweetin broo

Excerpt from Larne Hirin' Fair by John Clifford

The corn is stacked, the prittas dug,
the cattle house a’ neat an’ snug.
November’s breath is in the air
an’ brings yince mair Larne’s Hirin’ Fair

Excerpt from The Lammas Fair by Robert Huddleston

Fill’d fu’ o’ bra’ big herrin’;
here, ither beece wi’ prataes, meals,
frae a’ parts o’ aul Erin,
for sale that day

Excerpt from To the Potatoe by James Orr

But leese me on the precious Pratoe, my country’s stay

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