Words and Phrases



dismal, depressing; hungover

Alternative spelling/meaning:

owrie, orey

In Literature:

Excerpt from A Collection of Poems and Songs on Rural Subjects by Robert Huddleston

The Potentate who fills a throne,
With all his orey train;
And nobles all of high degree,
Do own my power supreme;

(Belfast: printed by J Smyth, High-Street, 1844), ‘Man’s a Prey to Care’, p 55.

Excerpt from The Northern Cottage and other poems by George Dugall

The carle was owrie, caul’, an’ hungry,
Wi’ speed the lengthen’d paces fetching,
Intent upon Sir Enoch’s kitchen;

(Londonderry: printed for the author by William M‘Corkell, 13 Diamond, 1824), ‘Sir Enoch’, p 107.

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