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mistaught; badly brought up

Alternative spelling/meaning:


In Literature:

Excerpt from A Collection of Poems and Songs on Rural Subjects by Robert Huddleston

And down rotationally he cam’,
Frae Cloots in Eden tae St. John;
And on his clatterin’ tongue misleared,
Wi’ a’ particulars ’thout regard:

(Belfast: printed by J Smyth, High-Street, 1844), ‘Doddery Willowaim’, p 16.

Excerpt from Poems on Various Subjects by James Orr

The guid auld rule, “first come first ser’t,”
Was urg’t by men o’ mettle;
An’ ay whan callens grew mislear’t,
The arm o’ flesh boost settle
Th’ affray, that day.

(Belfast: Wm. Mullan & Son, 1935), p 138.

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