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Excerpt from Listen Lizie. Lilting to Tobacco by Samuel Thomson

I’ll lay my lugs he gaes and buys thee,
dear as thou art,
and faith he’ll never mair despise thee,
nor seek to part

Excerpt from Drinking Song by Samuel Fee Given

Though rich, some men need na the lugs
an’ the winkers tae tell what they are,
it’s nae sin tae be poor

Excerpt from The Pig, or Power of Prejudice. A Tale by Scotch Poems from the Ulster Miscellany

Wha wi’ his tricks, his gibes, and joaking,
brought, by the lugs, the kintry folk in.
Poor barren joaks, and e’en thread bare,
and common as a barber’s chair

Excerpt from An elegy on the much lamented death of quarter-master, Brice Blare; who died at Strabane. By a Northern Bard. by William Starrat

But gin he pleas’d nae Ale or mug,
nae Carle frae Congregation Tub,
wad round a fault into the Lugg,
of list’ning Sinner;
or we’ a mair Emphatick Shrugg,
point out his Finger

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