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crouch down, hunch, squat / nestle / make oneself small

Alternative spelling/meaning:

hurkle in a nuik

In Literature:

Excerpt from Epistle to Mr A. M'Kenzie, Dunover. On the Publication of his Poems by Robert Anderson

For me, while I can think or luik,
whare’er I hurkle in a nuik,
I’ll pore wi’ pleasure owr your buik,
an’ bless the time,
when RAB’s advice ye fearfu’ tuik,
to print ilk rhyme

Excerpt from Thonner an Thon by James Fenton

An hurkled wee ootby yer lane,
crined in wae dreed frae speerin seek
whut micht be daen,
the dark ahead

Excerpt from Tha Snek Chairmer by BBC Tellytales - Translated by Ulster-Scots Language Society

In this creel it’s hurkled doon,
sliddery an lappit roon:
dinnae lat a SCRECH
whan Ah lowse tha snek.

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