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a crag; a cliff; a precipice

In Literature:

Excerpt from The Humour of Druid’s Island by Archibald M'Ilroy

“A hear’d them sayin’,” said the mason,
“that on yin occasion
Jamie gaed tae see a young weeda wumman
ower nixt the Gabbin Heugh.
She was thocht tae hae been left gey an’ weel aff,
an’ was considered a guid ca-atch.

(Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co. Ltd.; Belfast: W Mullan & Son, 1902), p 55 – ‘ower nixt the Gabbin Heugh’ (used as a proper noun).

Excerpt from Miscellaneous Poems by Francis Boyle

In yonder glen there stan’s a mill,
At bottom o’ a risin’ hill;
She’s driven by a purlin’ rill,
Comes frae a lough;
Which thro’ the brake beneath the kiln,
Pours owre a heugh.

(Belfast, 1811, printed by D & S Lyons, Corn-market), ‘The Mill-Pout: a tale’ p 72.

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