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cry; weep

Alternative spelling/meaning:

gret (past participle) = wept or cried

In Literature:

Excerpt from An elegy on the much lamented death of quarter-master, Brice Blare; who died at Strabane. By a Northern Bard. by William Starrat

That gar us a’ beath Rout and Rare,
and Gowl and Greet

Excerpt from The Irish Cottier's Death and Burial by James Orr

While thus they sit, the widow lifts the sheet,
to kiss the corpse that worms will shortly gnaw;
some argue Scripture - some play tricks - some greet

Excerpt from To M.H. by Barney McGlone

Dinna let your e’en be greetin’ lassie,
when ye think o’ me,
think upo’ anither meetin’,
aiblins by a lanward sea

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