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possessing second sight

In Literature:

Excerpt from The Penitent by James Orr

“The e’e that saw them bless’d them.” Much they shar’d
Wi’ frien’s, wi’ strangers, an’ wi’ a’ in need;
Folk thought the fam’ly fey if e’er they err’d,
Bonnier an’ better ne’er brak warls bread:

(Belfast: Wm. Mullan & Son, 1935), ‘The Penitent’ p 179.

Excerpt from The Squireen by Shan F Bullock

He knew the place well
(locally it was known as the Cow-Trap, because of the cattle it had caught)
and in sober daytime would have shunned it;
but now he was fey:
with an oath he plunged, straight for the bank beyond.

(London: Methuen & Co., 1903), p 261 Not an Ulster-Scots source.

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