Words and Phrases
deil / divil

“deil / divil”


the devil

Alternative spelling/meaning:

  • Deil mind them = Serves them right!
  • Deil tha yin = not another one, nobody else

In Literature:

Excerpt from Me an' Me Da by William Forbes Marshall

The deil a man in this townlan’
wos claner raired nor me

Excerpt from The Christening by WG Lyttle

“Noo, Mistress McCallister,” Matt would say,
“divil the drap ye hae tuk frae yer gless
since a pit the first hauf yin in it”

Excerpt from Thocht Polis by Philip Robinson

But deil a haet o that wus lairnt,
an sae tae bigger beece the’ turnt

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