Words and Phrases



incantations; spells; charms

Alternative spelling/meaning:

cantraips cantrip = magic

In Literature:

Excerpt from Address to Lettergull by Sarah Leech

May nae curst carlin or fell sprite
wha ride on broom-stick nags by night,
by cantrips carry off your right
at morn or e’en
and elf-shot stanes your kye ne’er blight
by wounds unseen

Excerpt from Tha Fleein Cairpet by BBC Tellytales - Translated by Ulster-Scots Language Society

Hussain wunnèrt fur why tha cairpet wus glammerie. It jist leukked auld an covert wi stoor.
Hooanivver, tha buddy sellin tha cairpet tauld Hussain tae come an set hissel doon oan tha cairpet an syne he sayed tha cantrip wurds: ‘Fleein cairpet, fleein cairpet. Lïft! Lïft! Lïft!’

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