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fresh, cool, colder

Alternative spelling/meaning:


In Literature:

Excerpt from The Northern Cottage and other poems by George Dugall

The word is in the glossary, but like a number of other lexical items does not appear in the text.

Excerpt from Pat McCarty, Farmer, of Antrim: His Rhymes with a Setting by John Stevenson

Safe shelter’d frae the caller breeze
By reverend and anshent trees,

Excerpt from Gane Afore, and Other Poems by Meggie White

Frae shelter’d nook the primrose peeps,
Like a star on a mirky nicht;
An’ violets rare scent th’caller air,
Tho’ mang their leaves they hide frae sicht.

Excerpt from The Laird o' Glencraigie by Samuel Turner

For shame, man, gae hame, man, gie ower your teasin’,
the cauler nicht win’ may set sair on your wheezin’

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