Words and Phrases
blethers (n) and (vb)

“blethers (n) and (vb)”


rubbish or nonsense (noun); talk nonsense (vb);

In Literature:

Excerpt from December by Thomas Given

That frae Fashoda tae Khartoum,
though crownheeds brag and blether,
the Frenchman sees wae a’ his boom,
that England’s John’s a terror
whun rouse’t this day

Excerpt from Phemios and Medon by Michael Longley

Then bannies and bams wi this highfalutin blether

Excerpt from The History of Him from the Beginning by Pat McCarty a.k.a. John Stevenson

Didn’t know properly, p’raps, how to use them,
which may account for his writin’ o’ blethers

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