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big ill wulf

“big ill wulf”


big bad wolf

Alternative spelling/meaning:

NOTE: the two ‘i’s should be pronounced as ‘a’ sounds - so phonetically, ‘bag al wulf’

In Literature:

Excerpt from Tha Thie Wee Pigs by BBC Tellytales - translated by Ulster-Scots Language Society

Yin o tha days, but, Mammy Pïg püt her Thie Wee Pïgs oot intae tha muckle, unco warl.
‘Weel, Soch, Boch an Joch,’ quo she, ‘It’s weel seen noo ye’re ower bïg tae leeve wi me in this hoose.
Ye’r weel grou’ed eneuch tae gae an bïgg hooses fur yersel.
Guidbye, doateys … An mine yersel wi tha bïg ïll wulf’.

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