Words and Phrases
big / bïgg (tae)

“big / bïgg (tae)”


build (to)

Alternative spelling/meaning:

NOTE - the ‘i’ in bïg should be prounounced as an ‘a’ sound - eg ‘bag’ or ‘baggin’ or ‘bagg up’

  • bïggin’ an puin’ wa’s (building / knocking down walls)
  • bïgg up = to encourage
  • bïggit = built
  • bïggins = buildings

In Literature:

Excerpt from Larne Hirin' Fair by John Clifford

An’ then there’s usefu’ handy chaps
sae guid at biggin’ dykes and slaps

Excerpt from The Auld Wife's Lament for her Teapot by David Herbison

There’s naething but bigging and pu’ing wa’s doun

Excerpt from Dauncin Rose by BBC Tellytales - translated by Ulster-Scots Language Society

Tha hippo thocht she wud dae a daunce steid o Rose to big her up a wee.

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