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Alternative spelling/meaning:

abain; abune; abeen

In Literature:

Excerpt from The Gartan Courtship - A Pastoral Night-Piece by Scotch Poems from the Ulster Miscellany

Ye’d think that a’ the starns abeen,
were gath’ring round their passing queen

Excerpt from The Auld Wife's Lament for her Teapot by David Herbison

The days are past when folks like me
could earn their bread,
my auld wheel sits silently
aboon the bed

Excerpt from Davy by James Fenton

Whoo noo abain he taks his hairp,
wae voice sae true an ear sae shairp

Excerpt from Ireland for Me by Adam Lynn

Yit abune the best an’ biggest,
Slemish verily is queen

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