Andy Mattison

Andy Mattison

I am a Modern History graduate of Queen’s University.

I have always had a keen interest in my Ulster-Scots origins and I have made it a personal goal to improve the teaching of Ulster-Scots History and Culture within the community. As a result of this I have been involved within the Ulster-Scots community in both a voluntary and professional capacity for all of my adult life.

I have a love for Living-History and Re-enactment and have developed and delivered Living-History programmes at pre and post primary levels. I have particular interest in Ulster-Scots history before the “Plantations”, the Border Reivers in Ulster, the military impact of Scots migration and the built heritage of our ancestors.

I have a keen interest in Ulster-Scots broadcasting and have been involved in a number of Ulster-Scots Community R.S.L. Radio projects.

I enjoy all the facets of my culture, the language, music, folklore and of course its food! Tae ken whur yer gaen ye must furst ken whur ye hae bin!