Wurds an wurds, oor ain wurds

Wurds an wurds, oor ain wurds

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 12 - September 2009

Ye know what A wuz jest thinkin tha ither dey tha Ullans Leid haes some gran words. Lake noo yin springs tae mine an it is tha wurd scoot. Noo aa know richtly scoot means in ‘English’ to dart an thaur is naethin wrang wae that A micht add. But in tha Ullans it kan mean whun ye wur haein a wee touch o a speedy bowel ailment, it is jest caa’d a dose tha scoot, noo if ye kan fin a word in ony tongue that fits tha ailment ony betther then yer a guid yin.

Lils is anither wurd that A lake. Aff coorse tha English wud lakely use tha wurd ‘shreds’, but A think whun yer claes ir hingin in lils ye kan sae ye hae baen hut wae tha hard times aricht.

Ribe, is anither guid yin meanin ‘ill fed’, oot o condition baste’ ir ‘a thin hungery sort o a boadie’. Anither yin is minchbeef aff coorse - it’s an Ullans wurd used for mincemeat ir mincesteak.

Noo A thocht aa wud pit them aa thagither in a silly rhyme.

A knoad a big ribe wha’s claes wur in lils
Wha leeved in a hoose awa ower tha hills
He ate some minchbeef yin dey he wuz oot
Aff coorse he taen bad wae a dose o tha scoot.

Noo thats eneuch o that soart o’ foolery, A hear tae thaur credit tha guid fowk in tha Ullans Taakers Association ir wurkin flet oot tae collect aa tha Ullans wurds that ir used aboot tha toon, baith in tha present dey, an in tha past as weel. Thae ir hopin tae enn up wae a soart o collection o tha wurds that micht bae a o help in tha comin deys tae onybodie wha micht want tae larn a bit mair aboot tha wye wae taak aroon these airts. Aff coorse its yin thing knowin tha wye wae taak but tha spellin is a weethin mair on tha hard side, but gein a wee bit o time an am sure tha yins in Victoria Street wull get thaur.

Aff coorse tha wee Ullans Centre is gan frae stenth tae strenth an plans ir a fut tae houl a hale o rake things ower tha incomin year sae dinnae forget if ye ir roon aboot tha toon cal in an see what is gan on. An ye micht even hae a wheen o bricht ideas yersel, sae why naw let them know what thae ir an ye niver know what micht cum oot o them.

An jest afore A rin oot o ink if ye hae ony wee bit o poems, rhymes, stories ir tha lake in tha Ullans tongue dinnae bae yin bit feerd tae bring alang wae ye, because mann that’s tha soart o thing thae need. Thae want tae help tae pit baak a bit o pride in tha Ullans Language an stap it frae becumin a thing o tha past an keep it whaur it shud be, tae tha fore, a leevin Language, a Language wae a bricht future. An aff coorse it’s oor ain Language. Sae jest mine an KEEP IT ULLANS.

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