Wat wather an oul wurds

Wat wather an oul wurds

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 45 – August 2012
By Charlie ‘Tha Poocher’ Reynolds

Boys but tha waather wud seeken ye! If it’s naw stertin tae renn, it haes jest stapped. “Whaur is tha simmer onywye?” That is tha queshun iveryboady is axin.

Weel noo, A think as a boady A know weel sed tae me tha ither dey, ‘If it wud stap rennin it wud bae a guid dey’. He hut the nel on tha heid for wae hae had a wat simmer aff an on.

Aff coorse lakely it cud hae bane warse for tha hale wurl is awa wae it: floods ir plentifa an then tha craps ir deein for tha want o renn in pairts o Ameriky.

Hooiniver, tha Twalth Dey wus a brev dey an that wud hae made a wheen is happy onywye. A went alang maesel tae see tha hale event an A wus sae gled that thaur wus nae hannlins roon oor dures onywye.

t wus nice tae see tha weans an aa sae happy - an tha ouler boys, wha lake maesel irna fit tae waak onymair, wavin’ oot o kars an minibuses, jest beamin wae pride tae bae pairt o tha celebreshuns.

A think maesel is Ulster Scots shud bae proud tae celebrate oor heritage an culture a,n for a brev wheen o is, tha Twalth is pairt o wha wae ir.

Noo, maebae iveryboady whudnae agree, but for maesel, A think whiles it is mich betther tae bae hated for wha ye ir nir laked for wha yer naw. Jest think aboot that noo.

Noo that A hae got mae wee rant oot o tha road, A wus jest switherin tha ither dey aboot tha wye a lot o oor native speakers hae stappin usin some tha oul wurds that wud hae bane used in mae granfeyther’s time.

Words lake ken, kent, aiblins, stannins, behopes, bose, bulyor, jirkin. These ir ony yin ir twa that ir floatin through mae heid an aff coorse A cud bae wrang - but jest think baak tae yer young deys an ye micht bae able tae mine a guid wheen that yer granny micht hae used iverydey.

Maebae oor tongue changes through tha passin o time but A think it wud bae nice try an keep as mony o tha oul wurds in use. B ecaase if it wus guid eneuch for mae granfeyther, it’s guid eneuch for me.

Aa for noo - an mine an keep yer heid dry.

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