Ulster-Scots Language Society: Tape-Recorded Survey

Ulster-Scots Language Society: Tape-Recorded Survey

Fiona McDonald, Secretary of the Ulster-Scots Language Society, brings Liam Logan up to date with news of the tape-recorded survey.

There are about 100 tapes already completed and they’re always looking for new contributors. The Society is also hoping to find transcribers who can type up the content of the tapes.

Another project relates to spelling standardisation, in conjunction with the new Ulster-Scots Academy that’s being set up. Fiona talks about the issues involved and how they want to establish working groups including native speakers.

The Society has now published a third edition of James Fenton’s ‘The Hamely Tongue’; and, in conjunction with the Arts Council, also plan to appoint a Writer-in-Residence for North Down and the Ards who will encourage local people to put pen to paper in Ulster-Scots.

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