Ulster-Scots Events in east Donegal

Ulster-Scots Events in east Donegal

We visit Donegal at the launch of a new book of poetry by Sarah Leech.

Sarah, a weaver, lived about 200 years ago and wrote poems such as ‘The Wish’, read for us by Celine McGlynn, one of the co-editors of the collection entitled “Sarah Leech, the Ulster-Scots Poetess of Raphoe, Donegal”.

Celine gives an overview of Sarah’s life and reads “Resignation under Affliction”.

Jim Devenney of the East Donegal Ulster-Scots Association, tells Liam Logan that there are three launches taking place this week with an Ulster-Scots feel:

They are also organising a Francis Makemie Summer School and a three-day festival in mid-June as well as a re-enactment of the Battle of Glenmacquin. (Broadcast: 2 Dec 2006)

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