Ullans, it’s the wye wae tauk

Ullans, it’s the wye wae tauk

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 1 - October 2008

The Ullans Speaking Association aim to publish an article once per month in our native language. Below is the first one of many which will appear in local papers.

The guid folk o’ North Entrim wull bae mair nir gled tae hear that a wheen o’ yins frae roon aboot hae got thegither tae set up a wee getherin. They a hae a love o’ the wye some o’ is still tauk roon this airt. Tha getherin caa’d the Ullans Speakers Association an its main aim is tae gie a han tae lettin’ yins know that the oul tung is still leevin an kan spake for itsel. Naw afore time, A say, for the guid man up abane mann hae knoad we hae had eneuch o’ yins wha dinnae spake yin wurd o’ it, spootin oot aboot the richts an wrangs o’it. Noo its a free country says I, but its near time the North Entrim folk wha still spake the Oul Tunge, mak themsels har’d an start pittin pen tae paper. Sae come on guid folk o’ North Entrim dinnae bae ashamed o’ yer ain mither tunge, an think on this wee rhyme.

Freens in North Entrim its time for tae tauk,
In the tunge that ye har’d afore ye cud wauk,
The tunge o’ yer ain yins an’ ithers forbye,
Ye’ll fin it nae bother, sae gaun, gie it a try.

Noo afore onybody thinks this is yin o’ these passin fads a ‘parammle’ an naebody iver scrieved lake this afore, jest houl on. Awa bak as far as 1906 a boady caa’d John McFall, wha wus then the heidmester o’ Armoy National School scrieved a wee letter in the North Entrim Standard. It wus caa’d the Bushside Letter an’ he scrawed himself aff as ‘An Aul Han.’ The scrievin wus a dane in his ain guid oul North Entrim Tung an he penned his letters as weel in the Northern Constitution tae his untimely daith in 1913.

Noo, bak tae the yins in the toon wha hae started tae gether themsels thegither tae try an dae somethin aboot the wye they tauk. A tak mae kep aff tae yese, fur maebae amang yese thur micht jest bae anither Aul Han.

An while A hae a wee drap o’ ink on mae nib, A’ll lee yese wae a wee jot frae the Aul Han himsel wha in July 1906 saes, Did it iver streck ye, sur, that we micht be cummin near the en’ o’ wurl ? A wudna lake tae scar foak, an’ besides Am no a profit, but the sines luck lake it. Daesn’t Skripter tell iz there wull be wars an’ erthquaiks an’ brither turnin’ agen brither ? Noo, hain’t we had wars enuch tae last tae the en’, an’ as for erthquaicks there’s plenty enuch. If a’ this is no a fulfilment o’ Skripter A wud lake tae no what is. Noo, sur, A hoap ye’re no a frichtened, or if ye ir ye’re lake the lass wuz oot milkin’ an’ hir yung chap suddintly grabbit hir an’ gied hir a kiss. Oh John ye scarr’d mae, she ses. Efter a while she turns tae him, an’ ses, John scar me agen.

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