Tellytales: Programme 05 - Tha Snek Chairmer (Animation)

An Ulster-Scots version of a traditional Indian story about a snake-charmer’s adventures.

Ashok and his wife are very poor. He is a snake-charmer and, with Kali his snake, he heads to the town to try and make some money from his act. He doesn’t know, however, that two robbers are after his day’s earnings…

Myths, legends and tales from around the world jump off the pages and straight into the child’s imagination in Tellytales, a brand new series for 3- 7 year olds.

An innovative mix of animation and live action where children help create the artwork and play all the characters. Indeed children are at the heart of the series. Tellytales is a fantastic mix of multi-layered pop-up book and magical stage play The programmes combine traditional lighting, props, humour, make-up and costumes with cutting-edge virtual studio technology to immerse the audience in some of the world’s most exciting stories (some well-known, others less so).

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