Switherin agen

Switherin agen

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 22 - September 2010
Written by Charlie ‘Tha Poocher’ Reynolds

Tha thochts that gae through mae heid ir whiles far frae ordinary. Noo here is yin a had tha ither dey, it wus somethin alang these lines…

Am sure maist o yese ir weel aweer that A hae bane for guid wheen o year scrievin in tha guid oul Ullans tongue. Forbye A hae aye dane aa in mae pooer tae stan up for oor wye o taakin an try tae get mae guid neibors tae dae lakewise. But tha biggest doonfa in aa these things is tha fect that tha yins wha taak Ullans dey an nicht ir naw wullin tae come forrit an dae onythin tae keep thaur ain tongue leevin. Becaase lake it ir naw its naw in guid state o health a tha minit.

A handfa o yins frae roon tha toon ir daein thaur able best tae stap its demise but wae denged little help frae tha very yins wha taak it. A hae bane contected bae nae less nir fower folk this very week frae the USA wha ir while tane on wae ower native tongue. Mair nir lakely its becaase thaur ancestors come frae tha kingdom o Aramoy . Noo they wur axin aboot a dictionary o the Ullans tongue an aff coorse A had tae tell them that wae hadnae got yin. (is that no a cryin shame for a stert).

Aff coorse A wus able tae point that tha weel knoad author James Fenton had pit oot his guid book ‘The Hamely Tongue’ an that is a guid stertin point for ony dictionary. But apert frae that an aff coorse tha guid work o tha few in tha Ullans Taakin Association in tha toon naethin haes bane dane tae keep oor ain tongue leevin.

Noo aff coorse thaur is a pickle o yins frae Bilfaust tae Raphoe wha for monies a year haes bane jappin thaur brens oot tae get somethin dane tae get tha Ullans its richtfa place in oor culture. But A hae tae sae in mae ain oppeenion am feert wur nae gettin ower far in a hurry.

In mae ain case A hae bane sodgerin on for nigh thurty year sae ye micht see whiles A kina loos hairt.

Sae tae enn mae tale o woe A wud jest lake iveryboady wha taaks tha tongue tae stert an ax thaur cooncillers, MLA’s an MP’s why mair is naw bein dane for oor ullans tongue. Ir if wae cannae dae that then wae micht as weel pit it oot its misery an let it dee. Mine ye wun it dees its no comin baak unless in some kine o a rommlegerrie o a made up new tongue that some larned boys micht string thagither.

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