New book aboot tha Aul Han

New book aboot tha Aul Han

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 20 - July 2010

Tha Ullans Speakers Association hae jest printed a gran wee book aboot tha Aul Han, wha wus nane ither nir John McFall. John wus frae ootside Stranocum an come tae tha fore at stert o tha twuntieth century. He wus heid mester o Aramoy National School an scrieved in his ain Ullans tongue in tha Northern Constitution in a wee column caa’ed The Bushside Letters. He wus weel laked bae yin an aa an gein iveryboady a touch in his weeky epistle. He whiles wud he let his han tae a verse or twa o poetry, gein advice tae coortin couples ir remedies for tha chin coch an the lake.

Tha launch o tha wee book wus hel in Armoy Primary School on Tuesday 29th June 2010 whaur a werm welcome wus gein tae aa bae tha present heid mistress Ms Neill. Proceedings wur opened bae Mervyn Forsythe chireman o tha Ullans Speakers Association, ither folk wha spake included, Anne Morrison Smyth (Ullans Centre) Charlie Tha Poocher’ Reynolds, (yin o tha books researchers) Gary Blair (Ulster Scots Agency) Stephen Shimmon (DCAL) an Alister McReynolds (weel knoad author an historian) wha yinst went tha school as a wean.

Anne Morrison Smyth toul that tha weans o tha school wha wur assembled for tha heppenin aboot tha wye it wus aricht tae taak in yer ain native tongue oot o cless as lang as ye spake English in school hoose. Charlie Reynolds gein a word ir twa aboot hoo proud hae wus tae see tha Aul Han’s letters in print agen. Gary Blair wus tha maist lang wundit an gein a hale insicht intae wha tha Aul Han wus an his love for his ain tongue. Stephen Shimmon frae DCAL said he wus honoured tae bae invited tae tha proceedins. Alister McReynolds gein tha weans an ithers assembled a wile interesting taak aboot some o tha famous yins wha had thaur roots in oul Armoy, amang tha yins he menshuned wur John ‘Armoy’ Knox, Tha fechtin M’Cooks wha settled in USA.

Tha proceedins wus brocht tae an en bae tha heid mistress sayin a few words an Meryvn Forsythe thankin iveryboady for comin. Tha weans o tha school wur then aa gein free copies o tha wee book tae tak hame. Tay an cookies wur then served tae iveryboady present.

Onyboady wha wud lake tae get a copy o this wee book kan get yin for a sma cherge if they caa at tha Ullans Centre 4-6 Victoria Street Bellymoney. Mine tae hurry up for if ye daenae ye micht bae drunted if they ir aa awa.

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