Get scrievin

Get scrievin

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 4 - January 2009

Greetins freens yin an aa. 2009 haes noo bane weel rung in an a hope ony o yese wae a sore heid ir weel on tha mend. A hope yese ir aa lukin forrit tae a year fu’ o’ new fangled things better than onything that iver haes bane har’d o’ afore.

Noo A know richt weel that taaks chape, an times ir gie an rouch at tha minit wae yin thing an anither. But as a wee Dervock man am weel aquainted wae sed tha ither deh, ‘sure wae niver dee’d a wunter yit.’ A hae visions whiles o’ tha Garry fu’ o yins aa parin peat binks agen.

Onywye pittin aa tha gloom an doom tae baak o’ tha hab for a minit. Yese i’ll bae aa weel aweer o’ tha fect that this very month is tha 250th anniversary o’ tha birth o’ Rabbie Burns. Noo wae aa lake tae whiles quote twarthy words he scrieved frae awa baak in his dehs as Scotlans gratest bard.

What aboot tha Ullans tung an its speakers whaur dae they aa cum in tae aa this ? Weel here’s tha wye A see it, since Burns himsel screived in his ain Lowlan Scots tung an oor tung sprung frae that. Daes that naw gies is a bit o’ a dunt intae maakin 2009 a year o pittin mair o’ oor ain tung doon on that writtin page. Min ye there’s naw ower mony at it at tha minit an thurs a brav wheen if they pit thur min tae it cud maak a richt guid job o’it. What’s houlin’ yese baak, sure its tha wye wae taak, sae stert scrievin in it, sae tha rest o’ tha wurl kan see that oor tung is a leevin tung. Its naw deid, its somethin tae bae proud o’, an haes bane kep hid for far ower lang.

But sure yins’ll lauch at me a taak aboot me, A hear ye sae. Mann yer lakely richt, but then irn’t thae tha grater fools for wae hae somethin thae haenae got. Wae hae oor ain Ullans tung, tha tung thats in oor very sowl, thae yin that is taaked at hame here in North Entrim. Noo am naw sayin that wae kan aa becum lake Rabbie Burns an that yins i’ll bae houlin suppers an tha lake for is in years tae cum. Hooiniver maebae efter some o’ yese haes had yer supper tha nicht an thurs naethin on tha TV, get oot tha oul pencil an jotter an see what yese kan dae. Guid luck wae yer scrievens A knoad yese cud dae it.

Stert an scrieve tha wye ye taak
Dinnae ye hide yer tung ahint yer baak
Dinnae bae fear’t an dinnae bae odd
For ye’ll naw scrieve whun yer onnther tha sod.

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