Election advice

Election advice

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 19 - April 2010

Noo wae tha Election nigh on tap o is A wus sittin switherin aboot aa things sensible an mine ye that sayerious hard for a craythur lake maesel tae dae.

Noo A thocht aboot aa tha things A had har’d frae oor honest an industrious wud bae poleeticeens, an A hae cum up wae this line o thocht. It is simple, in mae ain opeenion A cannae see mony o tha afore mentioned bane tae tha fore amang tha host o angels. A hae leeved noo tae penshun ege an as lang as A mine tha cuntry haes bane promised naethin but yin blinkin pipe dreem efter anither. Thon soart o boy’s, aye an twarthy weemen forbye let on tae bae listenin tae ye whun they mak thaur wee ‘whistlestap’ caa on yer dure step. But frae mae ain daelins wae them thae shane gae awa aff an dae thaur ain thing an aff coorse ir weel pyed it.

Noo am weel aweer wae mann hae yins tae rin oor wee province for is, but it’s odd tha wye wae alwyes seem tae vote in tha wrang yins, an tha wye wae alwyes faa for aa tha aul snash they tell is they wull dae. Whun aff coorse if wae stap an think for a wee, wae wud mine tha hash they made o things tha last time they wur in pooer.

Dry yer een an stap yer greetin a hear ye cry, sure oor feythers focht for a democracy. Aye A suppose yer richt but aff coorse democracy is aa weel an dandy if its gane yer wye.

Noo anither wee thocht A had wus this, becaase things ir ticht at tha minute A wus jest wunnerin if oor brev lads an lasses in Parliament wud be wullin tae tak a pye cut an show tha rest hoo tae leeve on tha saim siller as oul ege penshioners ir tryin tae leeve on. But then agen that’s lakely tha badness comin oot in mae, for aff coorse sure they wull lakely gie tha oul folk a guid lift in thaur pensions, somethin lake a pun a week at tha saim time as tha price o electric an coal gaes up.

Noo A hae quet mae miscaa’in tha honarable gentlemenn an weemen, for sure A know richtly al bae gane oot an maakin mae mark for tha boady that A think wull dae maist for maesel an mae ain yins.

Sure wae kan aa dreem an luk forrit tae aa bricht brand new dey full o naethin peace an harmony wae milk an honey for aa.

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