David Hume: The Twelfth in Derrybann*

David Hume: The Twelfth in Derrybann*

A poem by David Hume

Sure it’s onlie an aul sash
Sitting in tha drawer,
Ance belonged tae my granda
For iver what it’s worth.

He broucht it ower frae Ulster
Whan he li’ed tha aul hamelann
Sure He’d wore it monie tha time
On the road frae Derrybann.

Me da niver got into it at a’
He niver joined tha lodge ower here
An granda got tae aul tae walk
An the lodge went doon that year.

But sometimes I look at it an wonner
Just what it was like back then
Tae don tha sash upon the Twelfth
Back home in Derrybann…

* Derrybann is a fictitious place


David Hume

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