David Hume: The Aldfreck Coalmining Disaster

David Hume: The Aldfreck Coalmining Disaster

A poem by David Hume

The aul fella telt me un’ time
aboot thon boy doon the braes
wha took intae his heed
that there was coal beneath the fields.

He must hae thoucht tae mak a lot
frae mining black diamonds near Larne Lough
for he paid twa men tae come an dig.
So each day sent by the Man Abeen they’d toil
at diggin’ doon and plunderin’ in the soil

And this oul boy was wile pleased
at the odd bits o’ coal their efforts squeezed
frae the sticky clay corner o’ his lann;
waitin’ expectant like a dug fer a bone.

But they never foun’ a blessed seam
and he dinae come tae be a millionaire
for the coal they dug was bits frae hame
they’d carried in their pookets and threw doon
when he wasnae lookin’ or was danderin‘ roun;

Ma da telt me unst aboot it - says he
they had mair sense o’ makin’ money
than thon aul boy doon the brae.


David Hume

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