Bellymoney daes Burns proud

Bellymoney daes Burns proud

Ullans Speakers Association - Article 27 - February 2011

Am sure thaur is naw mony amang yese wha dinnae hear tell o Rabbie Burns. Rabbie wus a bit o a wile boy , wha dee’d at tha yung ege o thirty seeven, but it kan bae sed hae leeved a fu life. He wus weel laked bae tha weemen an had a hale clatter o weans tae mair nir yin. But thats eneuch aboot haes wee waikness for hae wus baith a poet and sang scriever that wae hae niver sa tha lake o since he dee’d in 1795.

Aff coorse hae scrieved maist o haes poems an tha in haes ain tongue,tha guid oul Lowlan Scots. A wud sae that is why tha folk frae Ulster wud hae laked haes work sae mich. Hae scrieved poems an sangs aboot iverythin that wus dear tae tha hairts o tha ordinary folk o haes dey. Noo hae wus sae weel laked bae tha folk o Ulster that a book o haes poems wur printed in Bilfast. Maist o tha folk wha cud read ava wud hae had a copy o Burns in thur hoose alang wae tha best seller o them aa, tha Bible. Noo am naw gantae santer on as if aa am an expert on Burns life ir haes wurks because am naw. But what A lake sae mich aboot Rabbie is that hae thocht sae mich o haes ain mither tongue tae maistly pen his wurk in it. Anither thing A lake is that hae caa’d a spaide a spaide an wus wullin tae stan up for tha unner doag an gie tha aristocty a dig if hae thocht they needed it. Haes work is weel laked as far awa as Russia an China tha mair it’s in Rabbie’s ain tongue. Surely this shud gie aa is yins wha still daur tae taak an scrieve in wur ain tongue a bit o a lift.

Tha Ullans Centre in Bellymoney dane thaur bit for Rabbie Burns an hel a wee o a getherin on Wednesdey tha 26th January whaur they had a piper, a dancer, musicians, singer an Ullans rhymer, naw forgettin Gary Blair’s readins o Rabbie’s ain wurk. It wus weel attended an the Ulster Scots Agency had led on Haggis pies, shoart bried an aff coorse whisky fudge. What mair cud ye want an it aa on a week dey. It wus mair nir guid tae hear sae mony yins aa taakin in thaur ain Ullans tongue. Weel dane tae Anne an aa consarned in tha Ullans Centre.

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