Andy Mattison uncovers history at Kilwarlin Moravian Church

Just outside Hillsborough is Kilwarlin Moravian Church, one of just five Moravian churches in Ireland. Andy Mattison chats to former minister, Reverend Quaite, about a young Greek chieftain who used to be the minister at Kilwarlin. In 1828, Basil Patras Zula, a young Greek chieftain had to go into exile with a price on his head, put in place by the Turks. He ended up in Dublin, married a Moravian, trained to be a minister and was called to work at Kilwarlin. The architecture and design of the church are most unusual - with all kinds of escape routes in case the Turks tried to assassinate Zula; and even the grounds were laid out on the plan of the famous Greek battle of Thermopylae including a grassy brae to represent Mount Oeta. Andy and Rev Quaite also discuss the ‘mystery’ surrounding Zula’s final place of rest. (Broadcast: 28th Sep 2011)

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