Ulster-Scots Community Network

Ulster-Scots Community Network

The Ulster-Scots Community Network (USCN) was established in 1995 to promote awareness and understanding of the Ulster-Scots tradition in language, literature, music and dance as well as the contribution of the Ulster-Scots community to the development of life in Northern Ireland, the border counties of the Republic of Ireland, and the Ulster-Scots diaspora.

As a representative body of the Ulster-Scots with over 300 individual member groups, the USCN is committed to a comprehensive exploration of the interaction between Ulster and Scotland, which has been a constant factor in the history of the British Isles.

The general work of the USCN consists of four broad areas: (1) To provide an umbrella organisation for all interest groups engaging in Ulster-Scots activities - language, culture and history; (2) To promote Ulster-Scots activities and increase community capacity; (3) To act as a focal point for the dissemination of information concerning Ulster-Scots; and (4) To develop Ulster-Scots culture and heritage throughout the education sector, tourism sector and the throughout the wider community.

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