The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (NI)

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (NI)

The Belfast Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1946 and currently has 190 members in 8 adult classes in the greater Belfast area-including Newtownards, Bangor, Helen’s Bay, Lisburn and Whitehouse as well as 3 within Belfast itself. They also have 2 Children’s Classes.

There are other Scottish Country dance classes throughout Northern Ireland with every County having at least one class. Classes are normally held in church/community halls.

Whilst the social aspect of the dancing is important, there are very clear health-both physical and mental-advantages to those participating. Scottish Country Dancing is an inexpensive way to keep fit and there are no special equipment or monthly gym fees to be paid with classes, which last for about 2 hours, only averaging out at £ 2/3.00 per night. The 2 hours class also includes a compulsory cup of tea!”

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